Mental health and Youth.



  • Prevents injury to staff or residents caused by manipulated utensils.
  • Helps prevent self-harm for risk patients by missing utensils.
  • Humane option that promotes gignity and mental healing.
  • Privides more human food service for all patients vs. finger only patient menu.
  • Solution for mental health issues including swallowers and cutter.
  • ESU’s have a perforation for quicker breakdown if ingested or flushed.



  • One incident is more costly than many year’s of ESU use.
  • Prevents costly “Lock downs” and cell extractions from weaponized utensils.
  • Avoid potential legal issues caused by lack of alternative utensils.



  • Can cut through food such as hard tamale pie and watermelon and              scoop soup or cereal with milk.
  • More humane than fingers only.
  • Ultra-compact to store & eco-friendly.


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