Mental health and Juvenile.



  • Prevents detainees or staff being hurt by modified utensils.
  • Helps prevent self-harmin. Perfect when people are placed in suicide-watch and in secure units.
  • Practical option that gives dignity and positive mental feeling.
  • Allowed for bigger food menu chioce for all vs. vinger only menu.
  • Solution for people with metal health issues who may try to swallow or cut themselves.
  • ESU’s have a perforations meaning they breakdown quickly if ingested or flushed away.



  • One incident can costs much more than several year’s of using ESU's.
  • Prevents costly “Lockdowns” and cell removals caused by "weaponized" utensils.
  • Avoid potential legal action caused by not providing appropiate utensils.



  • Can cut through food like pies, watermelon and perfect for soup or breakfast cereals.
  • More hygienic than using fingers.
  • Ultra-compact to store & eco-friendly.